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Footwear and Sportswear for the Summer of 2021

Summer is lurking around the corner, and we cannot wait for the sunny days to come! And we may or may not have plans for the upcoming of summer of '21 but it is always a good thing to be prepared for anything. Maybe you plan to exercise to get that summer body, or maybe you would be invited for a summer party. It is always a must to dress correctly for any occasion. We love to see summer OOTDs after all. 

Whatever activities you plan to do during summer, you will need the right fit for these. And of course, this also means it's time for that quarterly closet update to match the seasonal clothing. So we prepared a short list of fits for every activity you might want to do in summeeeer!


It is time to get into shape and achieve that beach body goals. There is no denying that wearing new workout outfits will motivate you to exercise, so your money won't go to waste. There are various styles of gym clothes that are comfortable to wear and won't obstruct your movements while exercising. One crucial thing to look out for when buying workout clothes is the material or fabric that it's made of. Choose lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics to avoid feeing sticky due to the sweat from exercising. From tie-dye to gradient we have got your sportwear covered. Scroll below until you see some thing you like and click the photo to redirect you to the buy page. 

Tie dye Gym Clothing

 Gradient Sportswear

Serpentine Sportswear
Lycra Gym Clothing


The summer season calls for fresh lineup of new shoes, sandals, slippers, you name it. Whether you're wearing skirts, shorts, or slacks, your footwear is what catches the attention of your outfits. Going jogging around the town tomorrow morning? A pair of robust running sneakers will make you look like the real deal. Hitting the beach this weekend? You're gonna need a fresh new pair of slippers and probably a pedicure too. No matter where you are heading for the summer season, a good pair of breathable shoes are crucial to beat the heat in style. Here's a list of our recommended shoes for the summer season. 




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