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Get Fit for Spring Health

It's Spring season, the days get longer, the weather's better and getting warmer. Usually, it's this time of the year where it would be best to spend your time outdoors however, current circumstances may not allow all of us to go outside freely. 

But Spring season does not have to be dreary, there are still a lot of things you can do at the comfort of your own home. For one thing, spring season means the rebirth of the earth. Maybe it's time for you to work and improve yourself for a rebirth of a new you! This year we will focus on one's spring health

Even if it's a little late let's start the year right. What should one do to be healthy and keep in shape?

Prioritize good sleep. Nothing is gonna get as good as a good night's sleep. Just getting the right amount of sleep can bring in a lot of benefits to you! According to Healthline's article, it improves your concentration and productivity throughout the day, improves your immunity, maximizes your athletic performance, and overall it just makes you feel better. 

Eat healthy. You do not have to go on a 'diet' to eat healthy. As stated by the American Heart Association, you can expand your food choices, include more vegetables and fruits to your meals. Substitute water for sugary and/or alcoholic drinks to reduce calories.  Even just a tiny adjustments leaning to healthier meals can lead to great effects to your body in the future. 

Move more, Sit less. Whether it's walking, cardio, or just doing household chores it is crucial for your body to be active. However, exercising is not easy especially if you do not have the motivation to do so, and when you exercise at home you do not see other people doing the same thing as you. That is why in order for you to be in the mood to exercise it is recommended to mimic the environment at the gym and look like you are actually going to the gym. It is much better to exercise in your fitness clothes rather than in your PJ's. You might want to check out Plus Minus Co's  extensive collection of fitness clothes and you might see something that you like. 


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