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Hi there! 😊

💖 In case you didn't know already, we are Plus & Minus Co.!  💖

Our goal is to curate the best in energetically enhancing products from merchants across the infinite span of the universe. 🌌

In order to do this, we proactively search the most remote corners of the galaxy every day and negotiate with the hundreds of thousands of merchants. 💥

It's not easy work but we sure do find some interesting and entertaining merchandise!  🎁

While we may not have a lot at one time, we carry what we deem the best with a large focus on Clothing that supports small and growing artists. 💜

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If there is anything you'd love to see here in our shop, just drop us a line at our contact page and we can certainly look into it. We run numerous stores across the web and our connections and reputation are strong. 
Don't be a stranger find us on all social platforms! 👋