Most Frequently Asked Questions Revealed:

1) How secure is my Online Order?

A: When purchasing online using your credit card, all of your information is entered into a SSL secure web page. Your information is then SSL-encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider's network, where your card and transaction is authorized and approved.

Your credit card information is not stored on our servers.

If you decide to use PayPal, all of your information stays with PayPal and falls under their encryption and security protocols. We have no access to any of your PayPal details apart from the customer email address.

2) What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX), PayPal payments and Apple Pay.

We do not accept personal checks, money orders, direct bank transfers, debit card payments, or cash on delivery.

All orders in USD (United States Dollar). While the content of your cart will be displayed in your local currency, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate.

3) When can I expect my package to arrive?

A: Plus & Minus Co. partners with global merchants and artisans in order to provide you the best prices and the most interesting products. 

Our system is highly automated, and you will receive email and SMS message(if you provide Cell phone #, when your order is processed. You can track your order online to see the progress.  

We ship anywhere in the world so it will depend on your country of residence and not all of our merchandise ship from the same location such as Tibet, United States, China, Europe, Thailand etc. It may take anywhere from 7 - 30 days on average. This is highly dependent on the customs and import process in your country. Below are the most typical time frames for your region. 

  • USA:Between 5 - 30 days average 
  • Canada:Between 5 - 30 days average
  • Europe:Between 10 - 35 days average
  • Australia:Between 8 - 30 days average
  • All Others:Between 30 - 60 days average

4)I placed an order bit I didn’t  receive a conformation email?

A: Please make sure your email is correct when you place an order. Kindly check your SPAM or JUNK folder to see if your confirmation email was sent there.

If you have not received anything from us at all, you may have entered your email address incorrectly, please send us an email at support@plusminusco.com  with your order number and we will look into this for you.

5) When can I expect tracking information? I didn't receive any notification emails of an order confirmation or tracking, where can I get that?

A: Typically the shipping carriers update their system slowly (several days may pass before you get tracking and that takes a time to update itself as well). All of our global suppliers do provide tracking numbers,we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

6). How can i track my order?

A: Once you place the order you will receive  an  email with all the details about your order and a unique Order Id. You can click on the "Track My Order at the upper right corner, next to "My Account", and start  tracking your order. 

7). Refunds/Exchange Policy

A: Received a shirt and it doesn't fit quite right? Just reach out to use and we can take care of you. All you have to do is send it to our address here in the United States. Upon return, we will refund you and you can reorder in the size you desire. 

8). Will you work with bloggers, social media famous, models, etc?

A: Generally yes, please send us your information, social media accounts, and any other helpful information to us at Plusandminusco@gmail.com and we will review it. You can also take a look at our affiliate program

9). Do you accept wholesale orders? 

A: Depending on order size requested and your business it is possible. Please email us at admin@plusminusco.com

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