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Must-Have Heated Clothing for Winter Season

Seasons come and go, and so does your clothing. Now that the temperature is decreasing, people are looking for ways to warm themselves up especially when going outside. But with the current pandemic situation, it is inconvenient to go to stores just to buy pieces of clothing. That is why it is much better to opt for people to shop online. 

In this article, we will recommend clothing that are perfect to keep you warm and cozy during the harsh cold in the winter season. So sit back, relax, and read throughout this article and shop online! 

First up is this unisex smart heating vest, a new clothing tech that will surely keep you warmed up during the cold season. Imagine being able to work on your swing this winter without having to wear a bulk load of clothes just to stay warm.

The heating vest is made with the best lightweight quality material that keeps you warm in the cold and lets you move freely without affecting your performance.

This vest keeps your front, back and neck area warm and cozy during the winter months with its intelligent heating technology. Just plug in your power bank, press the button and you’re good to go outside! It uses A-grade carbon fiber heating wires protected with the best insulating materials to make sure you’re safe when wearing the Smart Heated Vest. 

Get this at Plus Minus Co for only $34.99! 

Now, that we have got our upper body all warmed up, we will focus on our hands. During cold seasons, there are still people who are working outside or athletes with sports who are suited for winter, often times we overlook taking care of our hands. Our hands are one of the most exposed and used part of our body so it needs more protection against the cold or else they get cramped. 

For people who are constantly outside, you definitely need one of these pair of gloves to keep you hands warm and dry. This military tactical gloves is perfect for you. It effectively protect your hands from scratches, cuts, bruises, insect stings, heat, cold, etc. It is widely used for various outdoor sports & activities.

It has ventilating holes on the back of hands to give you breathable comfort in both hot & cold conditions. Plus, the fingertip undersides are touchscreen compatible so you never have to remove the gloves when accessing your touchscreen gadgets. 

Get this at Plus Minus Co at $48.95


If ever you are on a tight budget and is looking for a more inexpensive yet durable glove then we have got you. This outdoor gloves also almost has the same features as the one above for a much cheaper price. It is made of nylon fabric and with PVC rubber to make it anti-slip. You can also use your smartphone while wearing these gloves so no more struggling and the hassle of removing the gloves when you want to use a touchscreen device. 

Get this pair of gloves for only $17.68 at Plus Minus Co.
Looking for more? Visit the Winter Clothing Collection of Plus Minus Co. Happy shopping! 
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