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Sleep Like a Baby with these Awesome Innovative Products

After a full day of studying, working, doing chores, a great sleep is well deserved. 

This article is part of our holiday gift shopping to help guide you on what useful products to buy for your loved ones. So sit back, read, and enjoy shopping!

1. A Memory Foam Head Pillow with a designated place for your hand to place under whenever you sleep. 

With an ingenious ergonomic design to avoid placing you hand in an awkward position every time you sleep. Loads of comfortable sleeping positions is made possible with this memory foam pillow. No more numbing from your hands when you wake up! 
Get it from Plus Minus Co. at $25.18
2.  A White Noise Machine so you can fall asleep to the soothing sound of stormy rains, and ambient nature rather than heavy traffic and noisy people talking. 
Reduce anxiety when tryin to sleep. It is very easy to operate with a gorgeous design.  The volume is adjustable from quiet to loud with amazing sound quality. Plus, it has a backlit feature to create a relaxing ambience. It goes from dim enough to just find the light switch on my nightstand to bright enough to illuminate the whole room. Enjoy stress-free nights comfortable nights you have been craving. 
Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in four colors).
3. Anti Snoring Ring Device will help you get rid of snoring problems every time you sleep. 
The snoring ring is worn on the little finger an hour before sleep and through the night. It’s safe and effective, which appeals to anyone with allergies, or an (understandable) aversion to unnecessary surgery. Scoff all you like about acupressure, but it’s been part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, whereas conventional Western medicine dates back barely 200 years.
Get it at Plus Minus Co for $7.95 
4. A set of dark blackout curtains, is perfect for when you need that extra hour of sleep when the sun is up. 
Let no light shine through your window and disrupt your slumber. These do exactly as they say — block the light completely, and help to muffle sound. And as much as we love opening our windows to let the warm sunlight in once we wake up, we also like to have privacy in our rooms. 
Get them from Amazon for $39.98+ (available in nine sizes and 16 colors).
5. A luxurious Satin Pajamas Set, sleep like a royal and experience the lush life. 
Sleep through and through with these cozy long sleeve satin pajamas. Who does not love the smooth silky feeling while rolling in the bedsheets? Even the right pajamas can melt away the stress and make any old weeknight feel a little more special. 
Get it at Plus Minus Co. for $33.95 (Available in 9 colors and M-XL sizes)
6. A sleek essential oil diffuser with your choice of scent to relax your racing mind. Only add a few drops of ylang-ylang, lavender, or bergamot, and get ready to drift off. 
An elegant ceramic diffuser. It functions well and even comes with a small measuring cup for pouring the water in (which I did not think I needed, but now cannot live without because you can refill it without having to unplug the base and walk to the sink). 
Get it from UpWest for $60.
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