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Festive Hoodies for Christmas

Baby it's cold outside... 

With the holidays around the corner, it's high time to get presents for your loved ones! However, with the current pandemic situation it might be difficult to shop in person at malls and department stores. Don't worry we have got your back! Throughout this holiday season, we at Plus Minus Co. will help guide you on your online gift shopping. 

The first item on our list are ugly Christmas hoodies/pullovers! We know, they have silly designs, but that's the point of this hoodie, to spread joy and happiness this holiday season. Hate it or love it, this tacky Christmas pullover will catch everyone's attention. Additionally, you won't have to restrain yourself from eating too much because a hoodie can definitely conceal a bloating tummy! 

They are perfect as gifts for almost anyone, it's comfortable and easy-to-wear. Pullovers or hoodies can be paired with almost anything too, we stan a versatile clothing! So, get ready for our hoodie suggestions that will hopefully be helpful in your gift-hunting. Happy shopping! 

Snowman Hoodie 

These snowman printed pullovers are adorable as heck! Most of them kangaroo pocket functional feature. Choose from various designs of snowman hoodies that will suit you or your loved ones. 

Santa Claus Hoodies 

Next in line, is the famous, loved by kids, Santa Claus. This man who is an icon in Christmas, he's just everywhere. So, why not put him in a hoodie? Here are cute Santa pullovers for the Christmas season. 
Assorted Fun Prints 
Well, if you like eccentric prints and not just one subject on the design then, we suggest to choose this equally adorable designs! We love cute Christmas patterns. Pair this with leggings or pants, and then you're good to go.
We will update this list from time to time, so stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas at Plus Minus Co.!
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