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Just a Girl Who Loves Wolves

Wolves are like majestic creatures because of their spine-tingling howl, which is their means of communication. A dog, often called a man's best friend are descendants of the wolves. Wolves are often depicted as the bad guys in a fictional story, mostly because of their large beastly appearance, but in reality they can be pretty good companions as long you take care of them well.

But what is up with these animals that people loves so much? People like wolves, because they resemble dogs which we are familiar with and love as well.  Wolves look like giant, fluffy, exotic looking versions of dogs and they are just as adorable! Another thing people like about wolves is because of the mysterious aura they give off, one just cannot get enough of these beautiful creatures. 

They're hypnotizing and breathtaking. Their pelts were white, gray, brown, black, and all in between, with gold, brown, green, or blue eyes, and their pelts matched the colors of their environment. With the look in their eyes and the rhythm in their movement, you can't help but notice a sense of wisdom and integrity. 

In terms of social organization, wolves are very similar to humans. They are devoted to their families and raise the pups until they are old enough to form their own pack. They are disciplinary and teach their pups, they are monogamous (one mate for life), alpha males and females play equal roles, and they collaborate to achieve their objectives. 
Wolves have been represented in a variety of symbols throughout history. Some people may interpret these representations/symbolism as a form of strength or rebellion in their own peculiar way. 
Other forms appear in Greek mythology; the wolf and snake are symbols of Earth; the wolf was a nurturing/strengthening figure in Romulus and Remus/Jungle Book. The wolf is also revered by Native Americans as a sign of wisdom. 
There's a reason we brought wolves into our homes. We're all naturally drawn to each other. Maybe it's symbiosis at work, but wolves seem to be as fascinated with us as we are with them. Unfortunately, wolves are common fall prey to human hunters and they are mercilessly killed.  Check out this shirt if you want to express your will to protect the wolves. 
We both seem to have items that the other needs. Wolves provide hunting skills, while humans provide shelter. Humans and wolves were able to bond because of our shared social backgrounds. We naturally admire these creatures for it. 
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