Spring Fashion Trends of 2022: Capsule Wardrobe Worthy Pieces

Spring Fashion Trends of 2022: Capsule Wardrobe Worthy Pieces

This time of year, it's to think about spring 2022 fashion trends, which usually bring a breath of fresh air into my closet. A trench coat, colorful Breton stripes, and worn-out Converse sneakers make up any transitional uniform. It doesn't matter what kind of person you are; you can buy the platform boots Olivia Rodrigo wore in that pop-punk style even if you advocate for a capsule wardrobe. 

It can be hard to do if you don't know how to copy spring 2022 fashion trends. It can be hard to replicate the looks, whether it's on the runway or in paparazzi shots of our favorite celebrities. Long gone are the days when trend forecasters looked at the catwalk and predicted what would be "in" for the next season. Instead, excellent stars, influencers, and everyday people have just as much impact as a prominent designer when setting a stylistic tone for the year.

Some things stay the same during this time of year: florals aren't new, but these ten spring fashion trends are. 

Patterned Sets 

Set can be your best friend if you are always on the move. In general, they're straightforward and quick to put on. Switch your sriracha-stained sweat set for a more sophisticated look with a two-piece pant or skirt set. There are also cute PJs that count. 

Anything Platform

Add a little extra height on the days when you need to feel extra powerful. Because stilts are so popular right now, almost every store and designer has made their version of them that looks good. This could be in the form of thick clogs, sneakers, or boots. You can wear platforms with almost any outfit in the spring because they don't have to match a particular outfit.

Baby Tees

They love this look from the 90s and early 00s because it looks excellent with low-slung jeans or trousers. You could try to wear a little girl's T-shirt during the winter if you tried hard enough. But when spring comes, this trend is much more weather-friendly when worn with shorts, skirts, and jeans.

Skirt Suits

There are a lot of skirt suits on the runway and in the clothes of our favorite celebrities right now. Mom's old corporate America uniform from the 1980s is even better than shopping for a new one. Take it to the tailor to give it a modern look for 2022, and you're done. If you're buying, you can play with textures and patterns to make the silhouette look more modern.

Midi to Maxi Length Skirts 

Long skirts are a great transitional piece for the spring because they keep your legs warm but don't make you uncomfortable in tight pants. There are many ways to have fun with maxi skirts now that spring is here. You can make them asymmetrical and metallic or pleated (or all of the above!).

Oversized Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are at the top of my "no" list, and I don't want them. This is excellent news for someone who has round cheeks and big round eyes. Oversized frames will be all over the place in a few weeks. A lot of the spring fashion trends come from a retro cool-girl look seen on the runways of the '70s. From clunky aviators to retro-sport shades, here's to frames covering half of my face and making it easier for me to go into "incognito mode."


Bermuda Shorts

Daisy Dukes' older sister is much more relaxed. While Adam Sandler's jorts were popular in the mid-2000s, the long cutoff makes a comeback for a more sophisticated aesthetic. Before seeing them on Bella Hadid, I always connected the silhouette with crowds of international tourists at Disney World. Still, the supermodel made them look chic, and I ordered a pair—even wearing them to a late date night with a button-down short. It's good enough for BabyBella777, so it'll suffice for me.

Trench Coats

There's nothing more spring-like than a trench coat. You can always count on this item in your closet to come back strong when the weather gets warmer. Hailey Bieber is the queen of the trench. She has a lot of style ideas for your spring outfits. Pleather or not, they're great to wear over sweats to make any casual outfit look more stylish.


Loafers appear to be in popularity at all times, gracing both high fashion runways and private school uniforms. While boots may be too warm for your spring ensembles, loafers are the ideal transitional shoe. As a young professional, I'm enamored with shoes that can be worn to work and out on the town, and judging by the three pairs of loafers in my closet, this shoe style fits the bill.

Oversized Bags

We say goodbye to the small purse. For your spring outfit "mood board," think about a big bag that can hold more than a spare mask and a pair of AirPods. The spring accessory trend almost feels like a counterculture movement to the tiny bags all over the red carpets in 2019 and 2020. Isabel Marant and Chopova Lowena, two of the most well-known designers globally, are both following the trend. It doesn't have to be a huge leather hobo bag for you to join the army of tote bag warriors. You can use a big canvas bag to join them.




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