Niche and Eccentric Accessories for 2022 (CBSD Ring, YinYang Necklace, Cosmic Ring, etc.)

Niche and Eccentric Accessories for 2022 (CBSD Ring, YinYang Necklace, Cosmic Ring, etc.) - Plus Minus Co.


All people like to collect things or trinkets here and there. Often times, people like to collect niche collectibles that are unusual, it all depends on the hobbies and personality of a person. 

This lists provides you with some of the most eclectic and uncommon accessories. We have compiled some fun trinkets for you to choose from! Scroll down to know what these are: 

1. CSPB CSSML NDSMD Saint Benedict of Nursia Catholic Church

First up on the list is the Ring of the Order of Saint Benedict with two medieval crosses. This ring is the symbol of the values of the Benedictines: "Ora et labora" (Pray and work).

Religious ring of St. Benedict of superior quality in silver stainless steel. On this signet was engraved the cross of St. Benedict, considered by Catholics and Orthodox as the patriarch of the monks of the West. This signet is particularly effective in repelling evil spirits and will provide protection to the wearer. All the protection and love of Christ, in every moment of your day. 

2. Astronomical Sphere Ball Cosmic Ring for Couples

The universe a witness to your love. A delicate combined ring, unfolded is an astronomical sphere, the tips of hiding the temptation of the whole universe. The combination of machine design and jewelry and fun. A great addition to your astrological collection! 

This 16th Century Astronomy Ball Ring was originally designed in the 1530s by Gemma Frisius, a famous German astrologer, philosopher, and instrument maker. Back then, the ring has used an instrument to tell time and help with navigation. And today, with the help of skilled modern craftsmen, the mysterious cosmic ring is now turned into an elegant vintage astronomy ball. Not only does it contain the star signs of the universe, but it also represents life and love. 

Multi-Layered Spherical Ball Ring Design: When closed, it looks like any other ring, but as the different bands are fanned out, the ring takes on a unique quality. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, your friends or families, and all the other astronomy lovers out there.

Give them the universe through this unique 16th Century Astronomy Ball Ring.

3. Yin Yang Pendant Necklace for Couples or BFF 2 Piece

Maintaining a healthy & stable relationship seems to be more difficult than ever. It could be negativity, differing values, lack of trust, poor communication, and so on. Yin Yang necklace ancient stainless steel talisman protects the owner from evil, bad words, envy, gossips and slander, even unspoken or secret and hidden evil. A great jewelry to show our attachment and attraction to a loved one! 
Look no further than 3D illusion lamps if you enjoy technology and want to get something that will add décor to your home or impress your children. You might be wondering what 3D illusion lamps are if you haven't tried them yet.
The LED lamp does not emit a lot of light. It works better when the lights are dimmed or turned off altogether.

These 3D illusion lamps can also be purchased as a gift for your child. You may be confident that he or she will appreciate it. This is fine as long as you get one that is fashioned after an object or character that he or she enjoys. Choose from a vast design in the shop! Furthermore, these lamps are reasonably priced. As a result, they are well worth your money.
5. Airplane Turbine Pendant Key Ring Fashion Keychain Storage
Are you a couple that loves flying? Do you know someone who works in the aviation industry? Then this keychain is perfect for them! Made out of stainless steel, it is a very specific yet memorable gift. For pilots, flight attendants, or just travelers out there, this keychain speaks for them. 
Delicate craftsmanship meets playful design in this gorgeous Bitcoin bracelet. Imagined in premium stone beads, this remarkable bracelet lends a fashionable presence to casual or formal edits alike. This Bitcoin bracelet is accented with luxurious gold plated bitcoin currency bead with black CZ stones. It makes a prefect gift for a cryptocurrency trader. There is another design for the Bitcoin bracelet, check it out here.
Bring luck and fortune for someone whose trading Bitcoin with this gorgeous charm bracelet! 
You can browse the Plus Minus Co. online store to look for more unusual yet great finds at affordable prices! 

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