Handmade & Etched Yin Yang Tree Of Life Necklace

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Engraving the back side of the amulet
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Handmade & Etched Yin Yang Tree Of Life



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Our Handmade & Etched Yin Yang Tree Of Life Necklace is handmade from a special artist that we work with all the way from Russia just for you! 🌍

The proceeds go directly to helping the artist and his family.

The Tree Of Life is a symbol for connectedness to everything and the Yin Yang represents the 2 sides in life and how they are interconnected. 🌐

100% Brand New & Handmade ✔ 

We also engrave on the back side the amulet any text you would like! (50 characters max) 

For example, you can write your name and date of birth or any special quotes.

❣️ PLEASE write the characters in the order notes or email us! ❣️

Size: 1.5 inches

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Metals Type: Brass

Time to produce: 1-3 Days

 🎉 This necklace can be a great gift for yourself or a friend! 🎉

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