Feng Shui Glass Obsidian Crystal Ball - Magic Healing Balls

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This Feng Shui Glass Obsidian Crystal Ball and so called Magic Healing Balls is is made of obsidian, the stone of truth. It is a way to successfully communicate with the spirits and ancestors that watch over us.

The Obsidian Crystal Ball is a medium used by many witches for grounding, astral projection, communicating with ancestors, and driving away of negative energies. The material, obsidian, reminds us that birth and death go together. It is also a medium of growth, for you can use it to uncover things that are not so obvious to you at present.

Your true self will be reflected back to you by the obsidian crystal ball. This is why it is called "the stone of truth." There is no better crystal ball to turn to when you feel like you have strayed from your spiritual path and need guidance and wisdom from your ancestors. 

The Obsidian Crystal Ball is for:

- scrying

- grounding

- divination

- astral projection

- letting go of the past

- uncovering truths


  • Material: Gemstone
  • Brand Name: PlusMinus
  • Theme: Angel
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Magic Ball: amber raw

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