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Cotton underwear is starting to become a trend for people who prefer comfort over style. Here are 4 top reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon and perform the change as well

1. Cotton panties prevent infection

Your vagina is quite delicate and can be breeding ground for yeast. Unlike other panties, cotton panties are an effective tool in preventing yeast growth in the vagina. Underwear with synthetic fabric, such as latex and polyester, can support the growth of yeast because they store in heat and are not as breathable as other fabrics. Also, synthetic materials are often restrictive due to the elasticity of the fabric so it can trap more moisture and warmth. Cotton panties are very breathable so your vagina gets all the aeriation it needs to prevent yeast from growing.

2. Prevents build-up of odor

Moisture trapped in your underwear often creates an accumulation of bacteria that causes odor. Synthetic fabric that traps moisture and heat also causes stockpile of bacteria in it that can cause that undesirable odor.
Cotton panties should be your top choice to avoid unwanted smells because not only is it more breathable but it also absorbs excess moisture leaving your vagina dry and free from any bacteria that causes odor. So when the weather is hot, wear cotton panties.

3. Prevents itching

The itching in your vagina can be the result of several factors. It can be due to an STD. ( In which case,m you should consult your doctor ASAP) It can also be the result of other health issues such as contact dermatitis. Or it can be something else. If you’re 100% sure that you don’t fall under the previous ones, then chances are you’re just wearing the wrong kind of panties.
Oftentimes the itch develops when moisture and heat are trapped inside the vagina. Fabrics that are doused heavily with chemicals can also cause itching in vaginas. Choose to wear plain cotton panties that are breathable.

4. Added protection during your period

Seeing that cotton panties are highly absorbent, they are a much better choice if you’re having your period. When your flow is so strong that your pads just can absorb it all, the absorbent cotton panties will act as a good buffer before the blood leaks into the fabric of your clothes and causes a noticeable stain. Of course, it’s no guarantee that your cotton panties will absorb it all but it will somehow lessen the damage as compared to other kinds of underwear.

Brand Name: Plus Minus Co.
Obscene Picture: No
Sexually Suggestive: No
Panties Type: Briefs
Material: COTTON
Pattern Type: Solid
Model Number: 978
Gender: Women
Rise Type: Mid-Rise
Item Type: Panties
Material Composition: Cotton
Decoration: Bow

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