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A classic and timeless fashion accessory, the fedora hat. A dressy hat, smart, and fashionable, something that screams style to let people know that you have good taste.

Aside from the tuff (both in design and material) aspect of the teardrop crown, the suitably broad raw-edge brim gives it that ready appearance. The band variants in every hue available are quite compatible, and the feather patterns in each one are no exception. Solid is the greatest term to describe the design — nothing else will do. 

It's best to pair it with a suit and tie, you can wear it in fancy dinner parties. You can also opt to wear it with casual clothes, as long as it pairs with your outfit. 

Gender: Unisex
Material: Wool, Cotton, Polyester
Brand Name: AlphaMan
Hat size: 56-58CM 

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