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Tips and Tricks for Finding the Ideal Suit for Every Body Type

 All bodies are beautiful, no matter what shape they are. But sometimes we just wanna look good and hide those parts that we feel insecure with. Not that it's a bad thing though. We are always happy to help out for that bikini season anxiety for you to be comfortable in your own skin while at the beach or pool.  

Whether you want to hide your cellulites, conceal your belly fat, or provide support for the girls, we got you covered! Forget the dreaded dressing room experience and instead rely on these key tips for choosing the perfect swimwear for you. 

Big Butts

Now that summer is quicky approaching, your rear end is bound to start seeing the light of day—at the beach, pool, or even your own backyard. Peach emojis, squat goals, Kim K's IG posts, big booty is all the rage today. Flaunt it if you want it, but for those who more on the conservative side with an ample backside, say no more. You'll need a suit with sufficient fabric in that area so you’re not constantly tugging for more coverage or picking a wedgie. Additionally, you can pick a bikini with solid bottoms and printed tops to balance out that tush. 

bikinis for big butts(From Left to Right; High Waist Sexy Embroidery Floral Bikini SetsHigh Waist Bikini Set SwimwearJOYMODE Sexy Bikinis Solid Push Up Bikini)

Flat Booty 

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a booty like Kylie Jenner's but it's not a reason to not feel confident.  Keep away from bottoms with full coverage, instead opt for those that show a little more cheek. Another choice is to create the impression of a large derriere, slide into bikini bottoms that put on the frills, including bows, ruffles and scalloped tops or those with loud prints. 

bikinis for small butts(From Left to Right; 2020 New White Bikini SetTwo Pieces Sexy Striped Printed Brazilian BikiniSexy Bikinis Set Women Sunflower Print)

Short Torso

Finding a flattering swimsuit that will trick the eye into adding a few inches to your frame is the key to elongating a short torso. Stick to low waist bikini bottoms and fancy tops (halter tops, one-shouldered) that bring out an illusion of a long torso. The bikinis below are cute no matter what, but they happen to be super flattering if you've got this specific body type.

bikinis for short torso

(From Left to Right; Two Pieces Sexy Solid BikiniSexy Push Up Bikini Women SwimwearSexy Hot Stamping Bikini)

Belly Pooch

As you get older, your belly fat accumulates and it can be annoying at times. But don't let this ruin your summer fun! There are ways to easily cover up that nasty tummy pooch. Choose a one-piece with a plunging neckline, it draws focus to your upper body. A tankini is another way to easily covers up trouble spots that you aren’t comfortable putting on display at the beach.

bikinis for tummy pooch(From Left to Right; Women Plus Size Sexy Backless One Piece SwimsuitWomen Plus Size Retro Vintage Bathing SuitsCover The Piece Swimming Suit)

Large Chests

For the girls with big girls, hunting for a swimsuit that can keep the girls in place is a challenge. Since most of the swimsuits at mainstream retailers are designed for women with smaller cup sizes and simply don't support a large bust. Cup sizes and tops with underwire will be your best friend. They can provide enough support so that your boobs are perfectly lifted and prevent spillage.

bikinis for large busts

(From Left to Right; Spandex Push Up Bikini Set, Sexy Feather Plus Size Women Push Up SwimwearWomen Two Piece Push-Up Padded Bikini Set)

Small Busts

For the less-endowed ladies, finding a swimsuit that don't annoyingly gape at the bust is difficult. The best bet is to look for suits with padding that can help boost the chest area. Alternatively, swimsuits with added embellishments like ruffles or frills will add dimension to your top half. 

Bikinis for Small Chest(From Left to Right; New Knitted Vacation Set , Women Sexy Fringed Bikini SetPush Up Swimwear Bandage Cut Holes Brazilian Bikini Set)

Broad Shoulders 

The last thing you want to do when you've got wide shoulders is to make them look even broader. There are several things you can do to balance out your body when you’ve got a set of broad shoulders. Opt for an asymmetrical neckline that can soften the look of wide shoulders and draw their attention away from the area. Also look for one-pieces with curve-accentuating cutouts, or with prints along the side. This will help create the look of an hourglass figure, thus evening out a boxy upper body. 
Bikinis for Broad Shoulders

 (From Left to Right;  2020 New Mesh Patchwork Sexy Bikini Set, New Sexy Bikini Bandage Swimsuit One Shoulder Women Bikini Set, 2020 New Bikini Set Women Sexy Swimwear Solid Swimsuit)

Full Thighs

Planning to cover up that soft, squishy thighs? Opt for bottoms with a little bit more coverage. Bikini Shorts is a good choice for that (plus you can avoid the hassle of bikini wax). Skirt bottoms is a good alternative too, for that petite and cute look.

bikinis for full thighs(From Left to Right; Swimwear with Padded Swimsuits, Women Plus Size Two Pieces Bathing SuitSimenual Rainbow Striped Crochet Set)

Back Fat

The last thing you want is a thin strap suit that digs into your skin and makes those dreaded folds of flesh even more pronounced. The best swimsuit to wear is a type with thick straps and high backs. This will cover and smooth out all the noise in the back. Below are some stellar suits that are perfect for camouflaging back fat. 

bikinis for back fat(From Left to Right; Sexy Deep V Women One Piece Plus Size, Vintage One Piece Women Push Up Swimwear, Women One Piece Swimsuit)

Short Legs 

Looking for a way to look taller? High cut bottom is always the answer. That means the straps are located just above the hip bones and attracting the eyes upwards. Even the simple curvature of a bikini bottom makes a noticeable difference. Stick to solid or printed designs like the ones below.

bikinis for short legs(From Left to Right; Sexy Bandeau Bikinis Women Swimsuit, Sexy Swimsuit Women 2020Red Leopard One Piece Swimsuit)

By the end of this blog post, I hope you have found the right swimsuit that's for you. Though now's a weird time to buy a swimsuit, still the sun will shine upon us. So you will need something to sunbathe in, whether you lounge in a large garden or worship a crack of sunshine through your living room window (That's us IRL). This way, it still helps to be optimistic and look forward to future – however far they might feel today. Have a great time and Stay safe!

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