New, Funny  and Trendy Shirt Designs for 2022

New, Funny and Trendy Shirt Designs for 2022

New and Trendy Shirt Designs for 2022

A t-shirt is a staple, must-have item of clothing one must own. It's simple and gets the job done. Because of its simplicity, it often gets boring wearing the same plain old t-shirts almost everyday. There are lots of ways to spice up a plain shirt, depending on your fashion style. But if you are someone who cannot be bothered with styling your outfit and just wants to wear a shirt and pair it with a pair of pants or shorts then we are happy to share another way to not look boring. 

Wearing shirts with custom or specific print designs can make your outfit pop out unlike any other. People are drawn to the writings or design on your shirt, so make sure that you wear something with a print that resonates with you! Be it something motivational or even humorous, you can express what you are and what you stand for with statement shirts! 

Moreover, the quality of our blank t-shirt is durable and the softness is definitely felt, the stitching is well done and the variety of colors is enough to get your game on! With the right combination of quality, price, comfort, and fit. Our short sleeve jersey is 100% combed ringspun cotton, this soft shirt is a perfect blend between weight, softness and fit and with 57 different colors to choose from, you’ll have plenty of blank canvases to express your creativity.

We have listed t-shirt brand new, latest shirt designs for anyone in any occasion. Check out the shirts below: 

1. Inhale; Exhale; Repeat” Shirt

Calm down with this super-simple shirt. Remember to inhale, then exhale, and then repeat. This shirt is perfect for when you are doing yoga exercises as breathing exercises are crucial when doing yoga. This can also be your meditation shirt that will remind you to breathe and empty your mind. Practice mindfulness and manifest a good and healthy life. 

2. “Be Strong And Courgeous” Shirt

You have no idea how many people are insecure and in pain. Even you might be! But don’t worry! With this shirt, you can be strong and courageous! Just like a Lion's roar, your voice should be heard and is just as important as other people's opinion. Don't let fear hold you back from doing what you want. Be as fierce and brave as the king of the jungle. 

3. “You Must Not Allow Television Sets To Swallow Up Your Sense Of Justice” Shirt

Raise awareness about this significant matter with this shirt. Let’s all be truthful and fair: this shirt is amazing! Media consumption is rampant these days. Everybody seems to always be watching something on their mobile phones, computers, laptops, and television sets. It is important to know the story from both sides before coming to a conclusion and forming an educated opinion on a topic. 

4. “Work hard And Be Nice” Shirt

This shirt is a simple and nice way to spread some positivity during these crucial times. Remember to be nice to each other! This playful shirt has a bright and good quote printed on it. Hardwork is nothing if you do not have a nice attitude and pleasing personality. 

5. “Free Speech Matter; Stop Cancel Culture” Shirt

Cancel culture is getting way out of hand these days, if you agree, this shirt is good for you! Free speech must remain! This ring spun cotton shirt is printed with a very bold and eye-catching statement. Cancel culture is quick to pass judgment on someone because of his/her wrongdoing and scrutinize them. It is important to express your opinion but it is also not wrong if you do not agree to someone else's, respect goes a long way. 

6. “Defend The Police; Defund The Media” Shirt

Let’s do this, people! Stay strong and powerful, and let’s work together. This shirt will help you with that too! This heavy cotton tee has the classic cotton look and feel. Casual elegance will make it an instant favorite in everyone's wardrobe. With a classic fit, made with light fabric, has a tear-away label, and runs true to size. 

7. “Parkinson's Awareness” Shirt

We need to raise more awareness for Parkinson’s disease, and this shirt will help with that! Let’s all work together, and bring this to the light! A shirt to promote Parkinson's disease awareness. This shirt is for people who has a loved one that combats with Parkinson's disease and needs all the support they can get. You will love these super soft tees! 

8. “Hug Me, I’m Vaccinated” Shirt

If you’re not a kisser, then you must be a hugger, this shirt is for you! This Provaccine shirt is a good start to convince people to get their vaccines already! We all miss personal contact and physical touch from out dear family and friends because of the pandemic, but once you are vaccinated you can have the confidence to hug anyone you want to because you are sfe! 

9. “Kiss Me, I’m Vaccinated” Shirt

Have you already gotten vaccinated? Just as the same above this one takes it up a notch. Although it's sarcastic and satire it gets people thinking that kissing other people is much more safer when you're vaccinated. So go on and show off your vaccine pride! 

10. “Festive AF” Shirt

Are you festive AF? Good for you, me too! This shirt is also for you! Get the festivity going on in the upcoming holidays! Despite all the hardships we have experienced throughout the whole year, let's all celebrate the year-end and for still being here and present. 

11. “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger Except Rugby Practice Will Kill You” Shirt

This shirt is 100% factual, so you better wear it! Haha! For any rugby players out there, you should get this shirt. We know how rough rugby practice can be. All the hours spent in running and colliding with other players. Get this shirt to add a little humor to your game! 

12. “Becoming A Data Scientist; @becomingdatasci” Shirt

If you’re becoming a data scientist, that’s amazing! I bet you’d want this shirt, right? You have to say yes! Data scientist is becoming a very lucrative and niche field of work these days especially because of the new technology. Get this shirt now and manifest your future stable job! 

13. High Heels, Wine, Diamond, & Makeup Shirt

Another high-heel shirt for all of you heel-lovers out there! Plus wine, diamonds, and makeup! Every woman's need printed in a shirt. This softstyle printed cotton t-shirt has a unique and quite artistic abstract design on it. This will be a hit to working mom's for sure.

14. “K.A.R.E.N.” Karen Meme Definition Shirt

Behold, a treasure unlike any other, the “Karen” definition t-shirt! Get yours, and make people laugh with your shirt! The Karen meme is now known worldwide. This is because Karens go way overboard in complaining about something or someone, that they have become a popular meme and almost anyone has encountered one in their life. 

15. “I Never Imagined I Would Be An Awesome Account, But Here I Am, Killing It” Shirt

Can you relate to this shirt, if yes, then go grab yours now! Becoming an Accountant is not an easy task. All the hours spent in punching the numbers and making sure everything is balanced, are all worth it once you become one. Go and order this 1005 cotton classic fit shirt to manifest the job of your dreams. 

16. “I’m An Accountant; I Solve Problems You Don’t Know You Have In Ways You Can’t Understand” Shirt



Well, if you’re an accountant, and you’re proud of it, then wear this shirt to flaunt that fact! If the first shirt does not entice you as an accountant well here's another one for you! This soft style t-shirt has a much more bold statement and directly says to someone's face how an accountant works. 

17. “I Love To Suck At Fantasy Football” Shirt

Do you suck at fantasy ball, but in a maybe masochistic way, love it? Then, say no more, my friend, this shirt you’ve gotta have! A soft and lightweight with a modern classic fit that has a humorous statement on it. This funny printed shirt has a unisex style that looks great on everyone with its relaxed fit. 

18. “Pinch Me And Die” Shirt



Oooh, another fall-themed shirt that’ll go with everything! Grab it while you still can! This one's a feisty statement for people who don't like pinching. Obviously, because pinching hurts like hell. This shirt has a seamless collar, and tear-away label made with ringspun cotton to ensure durability and comfort. 

19. Multi-Colored Motivational Quote Shirt

This shirt will inspire you and everyone around you, and that’s great you know. The quote: “You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A motivational shirt can go a long way. It is nice to see that you are wearing something positive while looking in the mirror and knowing that other people can hopefully be motivated with this shirt too. 

20. “Love Is Not Cancelled” Shirt

Why’s everyone cancelling everyone and everything these days, so disappointing. Well, I'm here to tell you that love is NOT cancelled, and will keep on spreading with this shirt. Love makes the world go round and round, it's what keeps us in going on! So go and spread love not hate while wearing this shirt! 


21 "Graduation Gift for Senior 2023"

22) E=MC^2 Stands for Energy equals to Milk with Coffee Squared 


Looking for more shirt designs? Head on to Plus Minus Co's Etsy Shop


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