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Every Thing about Earrings l Plus Minus Co.

Earrings are popular and simple go-to jewelry item since they can be effortlessly paired with any look and easily compliment any other pieces of jewelry!

Earrings are a staple to any woman’s wardrobe. We find joy in matching earrings to the perfect outfit or occasion. Everybody has their own preference. There is a wide range of variety to choose from, so there is sure to something for everyone.

When choosing the right earrings you should be aware of the distinct types of earrings and locks. You also have to consider your face shape, and your outfit. Keep in mind that you also want to think in terms of comfort and safeguard of the earrings (you wouldn’t want your favorite or expensive earrings to get lost!) Additionally, choose an earring that will fit your personal style and tastes.

Kinds of Earrings and Locks (including but not limited to):

The Classic Stud

earrings studs diamond

earrings stud diamond

Designed to be worn near the ear, the stud earrings feature a fixed trinket that is secured to the back of the ear to prevent movement. Studs can be plain and simple, include gemstones such as diamonds or form into intricate pieces. Perfect for matching with other pieces of jewelry, studs are universal and timeless, making them a great choice for daily wear.

Flirty Hoops

hoop earrings

The all-around and popular hoop earrings are commonly circular or semi-circular in shape.  With a range of options available from diamond-adorned to plain styles in a variety of sizes, hoop earrings are the best accessory to accentuate any outfit.

Luxurious Drops

drop earrings

Earrings that fall underneath the earlobe are called drops. Dainty and lavish, drop earrings generally feature gemstones, such as diamonds or ornamental bits, and are secured using a wire hook. Worn on special events drop earrings are timeless and iconic.

Choosing the Right Metal

Earrings can come in an assortment of precious metals such as yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. You may have a preference already when it comes to metal, you should consider the jewelry you already wear when selecting a new pair of earrings. All metal types have different qualities and appearances, which is a good idea to consider. For example, if you have sensitive skin you may wish to opt for earrings made out of platinum, since they’re hypo-allergenic.

Styling Earrings

If you have multiple piercings in your ears you can explore a variety of options when it comes to styling them. A general rule is to stick to one metal so the earrings do not clash and start with the heaviest style, finishing with the lightest, for a coherent appearance. Why not try mixing and matching a variety of designs, such as studs, hoops and crawlers to create a wonderfully eclectic style.

You can also gift a loved one a pair of earrings. Browse our collection to find more style that is to your liking.







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