Best Graduation Shirts for Class of 2022

Best Graduation Shirts for Class of 2022

After years of studying, reading, and eating cafeteria food, senior students are finally getting the limelight in a once a year event, graduation. Every senior deserves a well-celebrated graduation party whether it be with their friends, batchmates, family, and relatives. So if you are wondering what to gift a fresh senior graduate, then you are in the right place because we have a graduation gift list that you can choose from! 

Graduation season is nearing which means that graduates are busy preparing for upcoming parties and events to celebrate their last year in college or high school. Of course, graduates are also looking for that souvenir for their long lasting memory to take with them on the new chapter of their life. It would be a nice gesture to buy them a shirt that acknowledges their hardwork all these years, even if its a simple t-shirt. 

Here are the list of graduation tees that seniors will love!

Senior 2022 Graduation Tee

The classic design of Senior 2022 with a tie-dye clone print. 

Senior 2022 Nutrition Facts Shirt

This entertaining Senior 2022 shirt mimics that of a food's packaging with the traits of a student as the ingredients. 

Senior 2022 Tie Dye Graduation T-shirt

This attracting Senior 2022 shirt has a tie-dye clone design on it. 

Senior Class of 2021 Sunflower Shirt

Since graduation season is often the blooming season in some places this sunflower shirt is perfect for new beginnings.

Game Over Class of 2022 Tshirt 

If you know someone who is a graduating senior and is also a gamer, then you should definitely get this fun shirt for them! They would appreciate it even more because they relate to two things that describe them. 

there are these variations of this designs, continue on scrolling below to see them;


I Graduated Funny Graduation Shirt 

Students know how much they miss a good night's rest, so when it's time for them to say goodbye to school then this shirt perfectly sums up their intentions. It's a funny shirt to boot. 

2022 Run the World Tee

Bring in the confidence of a graduating senior with this shirt. Batch 2022 deserves all the praise they can get for surviving a school year during the pandemic and their graduating year at that! 

2022 Kiss my Class Goodbye T-shirt

and of course, it would not be fun to not include some 'pun-ny' joke for graduation parties. 

another variation of the design, in case you want another color combination for the tie-dye design

What are you waiting for? Get these shirts now before graduation frenzy starts! 

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