Rainbow Lotus Mandala Tote Bag

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Rainbow Lotus Mandala Tote Bag



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The Lotus Mandala is a symbol of rising out of the material world and into spiritual union with the entire universe, also known as enlightenment. ☯️

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Product Features

  • Premium Quality 50/50 poly cotton, durable and eco-friendly.
  • For the first time washing, please rinse with water before use.
  • Select gentle machine washing mode. Avoid clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons.
  • We recommend using a mild detergent 

Maximum washing temperature, 140 F.
DO NOT Bleach.
Hang dry in a shady place.
Do not reverse to dry.


🌟 Artwork by Rebecca Wang at Psychedelic Zen 🌟


🌌 Mandala's for Meditation 🌌

Once you have your mandala begin by focusing on the CENTER of a circle. It is through this point that you can ‘enter’ the mandala and journey through the symbolism.

When you feel focused enough, move your attention to other areas of the mandala. Allow your eyes to take on the beautiful patterns and colors and stay present with any thoughts or feelings that arise.

If you start to become distracted, gently bring your attention back to the mandala, allow it to absorb all your attention and focus.

As you begin to ‘fall’ deeper and deeper into the mandala, continue to relax and breathe. You may begin to experience feelings of peace and joy or you may hear intuitive or Divine messages.

Just go with the flow of your experience and release all expectations. Start with around 15-20 mins. per day and work your way up from there.


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