Psilocybin Mushrooms Molecule Structure Necklace

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Psilocybin Chemical Molecule Structure Necklace

The psilocybin necklace makes the perfect gift for someone special, a memento for an important milestone, or a reward just for you. The meaning behind why each person chooses to wear their own psilocybin molecule is what makes it uniquely personal.

Is it a reminder of your past? A celebration of your favourite indulgence? Or maybe it’s a symbol of personal transformation. Wear it subtly for yourself, or boldly for the world to see.


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Psilocybin, the chemical responsible lightening up your brain and heightening your senses. 🌌

🎉 This necklace can be a great reminder of your trips or a great gift for a friend! 🎉

 Now Available in Gold, Silver and Black!

Pendant Size: 5 x 4.57 cm

Length: 45 cm

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

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