Quartz Lighter Watch + USB Charging

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Quartz Lighter Watch + USB Charging


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The Benefits

Windproof Lighter - Useable in ALL weather conditions!

USB Charged - Charge at home, in your Car or in any other USB Outlet.

Features a RED Led Light near the lighting port.

Lightweight + Functional with a delicate appearance and High-Quality Materials make it safe and easy to use.

Quartz Mechanical Movement.

This watch carries within itself a secret. With a clockwise push, the secret compartment within opens up and provides a great suprise - a windproof + discreet lighter!

The USB Lighter Watch's over-sized bezel and engrave Roman Numerals exude an old world touch. If you want to show the world that there is more to you than meets the eye, then this watch is for you!

Package Contains

1 X Watch with Cigarette Lighter.

1 X Display Box
1 X USB charge cable.



Watch Face Size: 4.5cm Diameter. Watch Weight: 3.17 oz/ 90 g.
Watchband Material: Rubber. Watch Case Material: Metal. Watchband Width: 2.2cm. Watch Total Length: About 26cm.

2 hours per charge

High-performance polymer aluminum battery that can charge and discharge about 500 times.

After fully charged immediately disconnect the power source (generally full charge time is 2 hours). Do not leave a fully charged USB charging lighter is connected to the power supply.

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