Obsidian Jewelry

Obsidian Jewelry There are different variations of Obsidian and obsidian stone jewelry, like black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, rainbow obsidian and mahogany obsidian.

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Obsidian is frequently ignored by jewelry shoppers, but this stone has the potential to feature in some of your most interesting accessories. While not as flashy as diamonds, emeralds or rubies, obsidian has an unparalleled lustrous beauty and comes in a surprising variety of patterns and colours. 

The Obsidian definition also makes it a stone of the spirit. Many cultures have used Obsidian rock as the spiritual ally to call on for stargazing and making prophecies. For healing journeys, Obsidian rock is especially useful as a companion due to its abilities to protect and guard the psyche. When you're out and about, wearing jewelry with Obsidian rock can help protect you from any energy vampires you come across. Its protective properties will help deflect the energy of needy or draining people.

To make use of this stone the first step is to understand obsidian, as well as how to buy and wear it. Making this stunning natural stone shine your way.